Sports Courts

Let us bring you the ultimate sports courts and asphalt paving services in Brisbane!

Asphalt Sports Court paving requires extreme care and attention to detail, executed by qualified professionals skilled in the specific paving techniques required for optimum product performance and durability. Due to the technicalities that these types of surfacing need, it is vital that you get everything right from the get-go.

Our expert team combined with our technologically advanced methods and equipment are applied with an equally strong commitment to design long lasting and safe sport courts. Our track record proves Swarly’s asphalted sport courts are designed to handle the test of time!

As most sports comprise of roughhousing, and lots of heavy footing and scraping, it is imperative the material chosen will withstand all of these without fail.

view of tennis and basketball sports courts
newly paved asphalt basketball court

As an industrial asphalt company, we utilise our access to the highest quality, durable asphalt that encompasses your exact sports requirements.

Factors like the shape, dimension and aesthetics ranging from colour and overall court visibility are important details to discuss when designing the pavement construction for sports court and we ensure we understand your exact requirements before the development phase.

Your platform should be built to the exact dimensions you requested without material failures or unevenness in the composition. From the initial excavation process to the filling and sealing, our team of paving experts bring you a standard of modern paving that is well-matched to all your athletic needs.

High quality outdoor paving for your asphalt courts

Whether you’re looking to construct an asphalt tennis court, an asphalt basketball court or any type of court that requires an asphalt platform, we’re one of the most trusted asphalt companies in Brisbane you can rely on.

Swarly’s proficient service, places us at the top of the industry, and encompassing all in-house equipment, means we can work faster and operate more cost effectively – ultimately saving you time and money.

In addition to asphalt paving, we provide paving paint colours to complete the project. This comes in handy, especially with sports courts as the need for demarcation is required.

asphalt sports court line markings

We’re always on hand and ready to work with you! Reach out today to discuss all your sports court requirements.

At Swarly, we have over a decade of experience in Asphalt Cartage and Bitumen laying services for industrial, commercial and residential clients.