Civil Construction

Do you need a team of professionals to handle your civil construction and industrial asphalt paving?

At Swarly, we continue to expand and evolve our company to offer a wider range of services to ensure we can deliver even on the most complex of requirements and projects.

Our team have significant capabilities in asphalt paving and deliveries for civil construction projects. As part of our effective management system and upholding our high-quality service reputation, Swarly have a dedicated team for every unique pavement installation project, chosen for their expertise and skill level, led by highly experienced Supervisors and Managers.

Our commitment to safety, quality and robust pavement installations are second to none. We pride ourselves on providing safe workplaces, superior finishes and the best practices with every project, ensuring outstanding results and optimum outcomes, every time.

Our “best for project” approach ensures our service reflects the unique requirements of every job. Our customers value our adaptability, attention to detail and innovative thinking, which has helped us build our reputation as one of the most trusted asphalt companies in Brisbane.

Our civil construction service has provided paving solutions across various locations in Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast for many major customers, for over a decade.

We utilise our access to the highest grade of industrial asphalt sealer, high quality asphalt, modern paving techniques and equipment to ensure we can deliver superbly on a large variety of specialty projects from commercial roads and industrial asphalt pavements to all your outdoor paving projects. From our modern fleet of speciality heavy vehicles to our experienced paving team, we can manage all your asphalt subdivision, footpaths and bike paths requirements for civil projects.

Types of Civil Construction

closeup of civil construction paving machinery

Railway associated works

Railway paving can be a complicated installation. We understand that all transportation associated works need extreme care and precision in the pavement installation. To help prevent any incidents from occurring after completion, it’s our quest to deliver asphalt perfection.

Each project we handle, we take the technicalities like permeability, thickness, strength and material type into consideration to ensure that our customers receive the exact pavement needed to handle the load surface will be supporting.


We handle the installation for asphalt footpaths, designed to cater for pedestrians, ensuring they’re as smooth and safe as possible. Whether you’re building a new footpath or fixing an existing pavement, we also offer a repair and maintenance services.

Bike paths

Rough and damaged bike paths are a major cause of cycle accidents. Sadly, these paths do not always start out damaged and broken, incorrect installation is the cause. After months and years of harsh weather coupled with the low quality of material and inexperienced paving companies, cracks are prone to occur.

We at Swarly start each project by understanding the exact kinds of conditions your asphalt pavement will be subjected to. We set out to install outdoor paving designed for your specific region and purpose ensuring it will stand the test of time.

A truck laying bitumen for commercial roadwork at night

An industry leader amongst other asphalt companies

If you need the best paving contractors in Brisbane, we at Swarly top that list. From professionalism to excellence in customer satisfaction, we provide a quality of service that is unparalleled, our passion for customer satisfaction is only rivalled by our competence as we utilize state of the art equipment, modern paving techniques, materials and technicians in the industry.

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At Swarly, we have over a decade of experience in Asphalt Cartage and Bitumen laying services for industrial, commercial and residential clients.