Let us provide you with a professional road maintenance service that’ll help you fix your pothole and asphalt repairs in Brisbane!

At Swarly, we’re not restricted to asphalt and civil construction services alone, we also provide top-grade road maintenance including pothole filling and bitumen sealing.  We repair damaged asphalt surfacing before the condition gets any worse. Long term, this will save you a great deal of time, money and stress.

workers repairing pothole
man repairing pothole

How do potholes occur?

Potholes are more than just painful bumps in the pavement, they are a sign that the surface of the asphalt may be heading for further damage in the near future.  Small cracks and holes today can turn into larger issues tomorrow, and the price of repairing them will go up the longer you wait.

Potholes are typically formed when moisture infiltrates the cracks of an asphalt surface on a carpark road or driveway. When deterioration begins, it allows water to puddle on the surface and gradually penetrate through the cracks. The water forms in the base below the asphalt surface and expands, forcing the asphalt pavement upward. With heavy loads and traffic, the pavement will then deteriorate and collapse into the void, creating a pothole. Over time the pothole becomes larger as the edges of the asphalt break away. Appropriate care and maintenance can help prolong the lifespan of asphalt surfaces; however, potholes can still form over time due to changes in weather conditions, loads and other factors.

Having handled tons of commercial asphalt road maintenance, driveway and carpark projects, we understand the exact requirements for repairs and restoring pavements back to their initial working condition.

Get your potholes fixed by professional contractors

Potholes can be very dangerous and pose as a serious hazard; in fact, they are a leading cause of accidents on many roads. The bumps and cracks are also common causes of car damage that can cost motorists a lot in car repair.

It is therefore important to ensure pavements are pothole-free in order to keep motorists and road users safe.

Whether you’re looking for a contractor to handle a long stretch of road or you need to get your commercial or residential premises fixed, our commercial asphalt services bring you a wide range of options designed to provide top-notch maintenance that encompasses pothole filling and crack sealing.

workers doing asphalt pothole repairs
closeup of civil construction paving machinery

What we offer

It’s very important for us to understand your requirements in detail. Therefore, we offer a free on-site visit and inspection to assess the damage, measure the areas in need of repair, discuss details and provide you with a same day quote.

Our bitumen driveway paving, and pothole repair services provide you with a wide range of options that not only repair existing potholes but prevents further deterioration around the new sites.

With all our pavements, we utilise our access to the highest quality asphalt, industrial asphalt sealer and techniques to safeguard potholes from re-occurring.

Our paving repair service offers;

  • Inhibition of potholes formation
  • Elimination of deterioration
  • Prevention of crack formation

Need a competent industrial asphalt company?

We can help you! We have worked with countless clients to provide pothole repair services and we’re well equipped to handle your project. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs!