Asphalt Cartage

Swarly Tipper’s rapid growth has seen us become one of the most trusted and reliable asphalt companies in Brisbane.

Our fully insured, modern fleet of speciality heavy vehicles have seen us, work around the clock, transporting thousands of tonnes, each week, for over a decade. 

Whether it’s a large industrial project, road construction upgrade, commercial asphalt carpark or residential asphalt driveway, our fleet are capable of loading and transporting asphalt efficiently and safely anywhere along Brisbane’s East Coast.

closeup of asphalt cartage machinery in industrial setting
asphalt cartage in a factory setting

Safety Management

Safety management is a key determinant in the way we operate, and we have proudly stayed at the forefront for asphalt companies in Brisbane. Swarly Tippers recognises the Quality and Safety of its daily operations, as prime considerations always, and we aim to minimise the risks involved in all activities. In order to promote and deliver the highest levels of Safety and Quality, we’re committed to following the National Standards and Regulations for Heavy Vehicles and Safety Management Systems have been implemented.

We’re dedicated to continually evolve to meet the demand for our customers seeking High Quality Asphalt Services in Brisbane. As projects a rise, we’re seen as a preferred supplier for many major clients, therefore our drive to continue to set and raise the industry standards is a primary objective.

Our fleet consist of the following:

Semi Walking Floors

Truck capacity 26T

Sterling Twin Steer Tippers

Truck capacity 17T

FYJ Twin Steer Isuzu Trippers

Truck capacity 15.5T

If you’re looking for trucks to hire or seeking more information regarding asphalt paving solutions, long or short term, Swarly Tippers are here to help and can ensure you, your specific project needs will not only be met, but exceeded.

closeup of asphalt cartage machinery

Delivering Asphalt for Over a Decade

Delivering asphalt, on temperature, on time and with the highest safety standards doesn’t just happen. It takes supportive staff, experienced drivers, a modern and well-maintained fleet and dedication. Here at Swarly Tippers, we take pride in our ability and experience in the industry and have developed a service tailored specifically to our customers to ensure a hassle free, professional and positive experience, when dealing with our company.  

We provide a selection of speciality trucks to help accommodate your requirements. Our fleet is modern, well-presented, maintained to the highest of standards and operated by highly professional, qualified, experienced drivers. 

Contact Us for Superior Asphalt Solutions in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast

At Swarly, we have over a decade of experience in Asphalt Cartage and Bitumen laying services for industrial, commercial and residential clients.