Factories and Industrial Zones

Get the highest quality of Asphalt Paving for your Factories/Industrial Zones!

With industrial zones and factories, asphalt quality is vital, and requires a paving expert. Where heavy loads are expected, the need for special types of surfacing may be necessary and stronger foundations must be provided. Similar measures are likely to be necessary in high traffic areas or where high stress is placed on the surfacing.

At Swarly Asphalt, we bring you nothing but the best asphalt paving services in Brisbane. Each project we handle, we take the technicalities like permeability, thickness, strength and material type into consideration to ensure that our customers receive the exact pavement needed to handle the load surface will be supporting. We understand every step of the installation is crucial for a superior finish, from the initial excavation and surface preparation, down to the final rolling, we can assure you, the base is adequately prepared to provide the perfect surface for the incoming asphalt providing the strength and stiffness required to carry the expected loads in these areas.

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Specialist Asphalt Knowledge

Our specialist paving technician handling the project will discuss with you exactly what kind of weight the area will handle to ensure correct materials, equipment and techniques are applied during the installation process.

We’re a leading industrial asphalt company who have handled hundreds of paving projects, for many major companies throughout Brisbane. Our team of professionals are highly trained to install complex paving projects, by hand and by using the latest equipment and applications, required to receive the finish Swarly guarantees, making us the exact asphalt and civil construction company you want handling your industrial zone.

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Hard Stands

At Swarly, we approach each task differently. Hardstands require a very specific kind of installation in order to ensure they hold up against the tremendous weight and machinery they will be supporting. Designed to be thicker and more durable than regular concrete paving and commercial roads, our Hardstand installation services take every single detail into consideration.

From road base hardstands to gravel hardstands, we offer you different options to ensure that you get one that suits your needs.

Heavy Duty Areas

We also handle the paving of heavy-duty areas required to support heavy machinery within your factory and industrial premise. Why settle for generic and subpar asphalt companies, that do not deliver the quality you want when you can work with the best asphalt contractor Brisbane has to offer.

Whether you need a more heavy-duty paved surface to handle heavy machinery or require repairs and maintenance on your existing pavement, you can be rest assured that we are well equipped to deliver the top-notch industrial paving services we are known for!

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At Swarly, we have over a decade of experience in Asphalt Cartage and Bitumen laying services for industrial, commercial and residential clients.