Line Marking

Line markings are a standardised method of direction and instructions created to help the public navigate their paths, often used carparks and factories.

However, there are also a large variety of other services offered too.

Swarly supply a team of highly professional line marking technicians who will prepare you a detailed, scaled design, planning out exactly where the lines are required. Furthermore, they prepare the entire surface, paint the lines and all directional arrows or wording using contemporary, modern, effective spraying techniques and equipment.

State-of-the-art professional line marking technology

At Swarly, we provide our customers with a comprehensive list of services. From asphalt road construction to the final line markings, this enables us to deliver completely personalised solutions, designed to suit the exact needs of every project.

closeup of line marking machinery in action

Why you need line markings

Line Marking for Carparks

Maximising the available space allocated for parking vehicles is achieved by applying line markings.  Correctly measured line marked areas also help drivers navigate their way through these high traffic areas, creating a safer and less confusing experience.  

Markings for sports courts

Sports are guided by rules and these rules must be enforced by clearly drawn indications and markings often found on the courts. We bring you paving paint colours and markings designed to help make your courts ready for sport activities.

Safety for industrial areas

Industrial areas are often high risk areas. These manufacturing facilities and warehousing areas therefore need dedicated regions where specific activities should occur. Our line marking services help to make these indications and provides an effective way to minimize risks.

We also provide line painting services for business premises, civil constructions and many other speciality requirements. 

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