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What is asphalt?

There are two fundamental components in asphalt. The first are aggregates; A combination of crushed rock, stone, gravel, and sand. Aggregates make up approximately 95% of the hot mix.

The remaining 5% is a component called bitumen, also known as asphalt cement. Bitumen is the black glutinous material that holds the aggregates together, made from the by-products of refined crude oil (Unrefined Petroleum).

For a more profound knowledge of asphalts ingredients, the elemental components include hydrogen, oxygen, sulphur, nitrogen, carbon and small amounts of iron, vanadium and nickel.

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What is asphalt paving?

The process of applying asphalt and bituminous materials to a car park, driveway or road is called Asphalt Paving.

The materials are heated to an average of 160° then held hot during transport to site by an asphalt cartage truck. The tipper delivers the material to an asphalt paving machine, where it is spread on the road, followed by compaction, competed with a series of asphalt roller machines. The mixture soon cools after compaction to form the asphalt pavement.

Types of Paving

Swarly’s Asphalt paving services consists of the following methods:

New asphalt construction

The application of the new asphalt surface from a previously unpaved surface.

Asphalt excavation and replacement

This is the process of replacing old worn out asphalt with new asphalt and fixing foundational issues.

Asphalt overlay

A new layer of asphalt will be laid over an existing one without tearing out of the old layer/foundation.

Asphalt surface patching

Repairing patches of asphalt or fixing of potholes without totally repaving the entire surface.

Asphalt Profiling/Pavement Milling

The process of removing a portion of a paved surface, such as road or carpark. Milling can remove only the surface of the pavement, or up to the entire depth, also known as a full depth removal.

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What We Can Do

As one of Brisbane’s top paving contractors, we are recognized for providing premium quality services and paving solutions to residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Furthermore, we also provide preventative maintenance services, that help increase the lifespan of your existing pavements.

Our services include but are not limited to excavation of sub grade and full preparation, milling, patchwork and complete paving replacement.

Disruptions are minimal, and we can work in phases throughout the project to avoid inconveniencing employees, apartment tenants, customers or drivers.

There’s a good reason why our clients have stuck to us for all their paving jobs and maintenance, as they trust our practicality, aptness, cost-effective methods and high quality services tailored speciality to them.

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